Scooter Braun: Highlight of the day. Jb hitting that #antdance lol

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Screenshots from Justin’s video on Fahlo captioned “Haha. Good times”

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Justin Bieber: Haha. Good Times

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A list of things that liking Justin Bieber does not do:

  1. Invalidate my intelligence
  2. Invalidate my love for other genres of music
  3. Invalidate my ability to think critically
  4. Invalid my opinions or my knowledge of facts
  5. Make anyone who doesn’t like Justin Bieber better or smarter than me in any way

So shut the fuck up about how liking him makes someone’s opinions or knowledge of facts invalid.

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this one gets me everytime

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to the people who have followed me lately that I did not greet


Anonymous Can I ask: yeah this album is just to keep us busy until Justin finishes his actual one. Justin says he always likes to put out an album every year for us.
My reply is:


Exactly! This ones just to give us something to have so we dont get too bored. His actual album he said doesnt come out until 2015.

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Why were ppl complaining about getting no music but now that we’re getting them their complaining about whats being put out. Unless you wanna wait another year without music for his actual album to come out in order to listen to new music then please just enjoy it.

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